Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drug Crimes

California Drug Offenses

Los Angeles Drug crimes in California involve the possession, sale, transportation, manufacturing, transportation for sale of an unlawful narcotic, money laundering, drug trafficking and distribution. Los Angeles narcotics crimes and Southern California drug offenses are the unlawful use or possession of narcotics including cocaine in its base form (crack), marijuana, methamphetamine (speed), heroin, LSD, cocaine, PCP, ecstasy, as well as unauthorized use, possession or sale of prescription drugs such as Vicodin or Oxycontin. Los Angeles drug crime attorney Michael Kraut is a former prosecutor and educated at Harvard Law School who now provides his Southern California drug crime clients with an aggressive legal defense.

There are two types of California warrants issued by a judge. The first type is a Los Angeles or Southern California arrest warrant and the second type is a Los Angeles or Southern California bench warrant. A Federal judge or a State judge may issue warrants. The California warrant attorneys at the Kraut Law Group are experienced in handling Los Angeles warrants and Southern California warrants. They will work to have the warrant cancelled or recalled and quashed by the court, allowing you to remain free from custody. As a former prosecutor, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Michael Kraut specializes in providing an aggressive defense for Southern California warrants. Judges and prosecutors recognize Mr. Kraut as a top-notch Los Angeles warrant attorney.

Many charges can revolve around fraud, including credit card fraud, insurance fraud, identity fraud, and Internet fraud, among others. Every fraud case is different. Most of our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience and have had much success defending many kinds of fraud charges.

While identify theft charges predominate this group, computer hacking, computer fraud, and other allegations of fraud perpetuated through a computer can be called computer crimes. All require a technically aware and detailed computer defense lawyer for you to be effectively defended.
White Collar Crime

While there is no fixed definition for what constitutes a white collar crime, the term is generally used to refer to a number of non-violent crimes that are grouped together. These crimes typically have cheating or dishonesty as their common element, and the cases are frequently complex and technical. Typically they are financial crimes.

Not every criminal defense attorney or criminal law firm is qualified to defend white collar criminal charges, due to the complex and unique nature of these crimes. However, all of our criminal lawyers have the experience and knowledge to provide a powerful and effective legal defense for charges of this nature. At times there can be questionable evidence against the client, which doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our client is guilty. If this is the case, our criminal attorneys will be there to exploit every weakness in the prosecution’s case. If you’ve already confessed we may be able to get your confession thrown out of court, depending on the circumstances. We will explore every avenue in minimizing or eliminating the penalties you could be facing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Usually defined as sexual penetration without consent. A charge of rape is a felony offense and is an extremely serious charge. A conviction on this charge often carries penalties including jail or prison time, counseling, community service, parole, and lifetime registration as a sexual offender.

Sexual acts with a minor under the age of 18. Even if the minor gives consent it is considered a form of rape because by legal definition, a minor is unable to give consent.
Sex Crimes Attorneys
Sex Crimes Attorneys Ready to Fight All Charges. or Accusations You May Be Facing Terani Law Firm’s criminal defense lawyers are fully equipped to give your sex crime allegation an effective, aggressive, and powerful defense. Our firm has heard every kind of rape charge, molestation charge, lewd conduct charge and sex crime story you can think of. We will listen to you carefully, and evaluate your situation from a defense standpoint. We are here to help and defend you, not to judge you.If you’re being falsely accused we will fight as hard as humanly possible for you. Our mission is to ensure an innocent person never sees the inside of a jail cell. We will do whatever it takes to keep you free.
If a child or alleged "victim" is making allegations against you, we will do what it takes to prove them false. We will investigate their emotional and behavioral problems, psychological issues, criminal record, drug use, history of false allegations and any relevant facts that can be used to defend you. Our one and ONLY allegiance is to our client and our client’s freedom. We know the laws surrounding all cases in this field of criminal law, and we're fully aware of the massive prison sentence you are facing, as well as the stigma of possibly having to register as a sex offender for life. Our firm has no problem facing aggressive prosecutors and detectives, and we always treat our clients with respect.